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Alma-Primo Locate Tool

The Alma-Primo Locate Tool (APLT) allows you to create and describe libraries and locations to help your users where your open stacks are located.

It uses the Alma Discovery Interface Integration Profile that displays a button in Primo – using the c.uresolver.locate label, hence the name – which links to the application.

It works on location and library level, rather than on shelf level, and is particularly useful for libraries whose locations are spread around the campus or city, with different addresses and opening hours.With APLT you can:

* Add Google Maps pointing to the buildings where your Open Stacks are.

* Describe buildings* Link to opening hours, per building

* Describe Alma Locations and add useful information for your patrons

* Add alerts to provide your users with up to date information.

* Display shelf information (beta)

The Alma-Primo Locate Tool (APLT) was developed by Leiden University Libraries.

Please see this blog posting for additional details.