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Ares-Alma Connector

This Alma Cloud App is in beta, and requires that your Ares system is hosted.

This app facilitates syncing physical reserve items between the Ares reserves system and Alma.

The workflow for this app assumes the following:

– A reserve request already exists in Ares.

– The course for that reserve request exists in both Ares and Alma.

– There is a unique identifier for each course that exists both in Ares and in the Searchable IDs in Alma.

– If you’re using multiple reading lists per course in Alma, all of the reading lists for each course already exist. (If you only use one reading list per course, the cloud app will automatically create a reading list if it doesn’t already exist.)

To use the app:

– Navigate to the Alma record for the requested item. The most convenient way to do so is likely to be doing a physical item search by barcode and scanning in the item.

– Open the Ares-Alma-Connector Cloud App and enter the ID number for the Ares request.

– Confirm that the item and course information that appears is correct.

– If multiple reading lists for the course exist in Alma, choose a reading list.

– Click “Place on Reserve.” This will route the item in Ares to the status “Available at Reserve Desk” and will add the item to the course’s reading list in Alma.

– If necessary, changing the item’s temporary location, item policy, etc., can then be performed on the item record in Alma as usual.

After installation and before the app can be used, a user with the General System Administrator role will need to configure the app by clicking on the three-dot menu and then the wrench icon. The URL of the Ares server and the Ares API key should be entered in the configuration. If you do not have an API key, you can generate one in the Ares Customization Manager.

The field in Ares that will link courses in Ares with courses in Alma must also be specified in the configuration. This connector depends upon a unique identifier for each course existing both in the specified field in Ares and in the Searchable IDs in Alma. Likely fields for the location of this unique identifier are CourseCode, CourseNumber, ExternalCourseId, or RegistrarCourseId.