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Book-Be-Gone is for withdrawing books in Alma. A user scans the barcode of an item and Book-Be-Gone performs some checks before adding it to a set in Alma. The user then runs the “withdraw items” job on the set to finish the process. Book-Be-Gone can also append the OCLC numbers for all scanned items into a plain text file. This file can then be loaded into OCLC Connexion for the purpose of withdrawing holdings.

  • Tests whether the item is a serial or not, has other items attached, order records attached, or if there are special notes in the bib to search for.
  • If any of the above tests fail, a message pops up on the screen and the book can be set aside for additional processing.
  • If the book passes all the checks, a custom statistical note is placed in the record, and it is added to a physical items set in Alma.
  • At the same time, the OCLC number is also recorded into an ongoing text file that can be imported later into OCLC Connexion to withdraw holdings.