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Celus – Usage statistics for consortia

Celus is a COUNTER 5 compliant tool for the management of consortial usage statistics of electronic information resources.

Celus is a highly interactive tool providing:

– support for COUNTER 5, COUNTER 4 and custom non-COUNTER data

– efficient management of SUSHI

– different user roles with access to individual organizations or the whole consortium

… and all that is working incredibly fast!

Celus can be used as extension to Alma or SFX for users who need COUNTER 5 support. Celus can integrate with your Electronic Resources Management (ERM) system and provide you with an in-depth overview of your counter and non-counter usage data.

We are offering a full-featured online demo loaded with randomised data where you can try Celus and all its features without any limitations, just let us know at ask@celus.net.