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HJ Alma Booster

The HJ Alma Booster is a lightweight Chrome extension for boosting productivity in the Alma online library services platform environment.

The HJ Alma Booster (Harvard Library Judaica Division Alma Booster Chrome Extension) was created—and is in the process of further development—by Tom Wagg, Harvard ’20, Littauer Judaica Library Student Assistant, for the Harvard Library Judaica Division. This Chrome Extension was built during the course of the Harvard Judaica Division’s implementation of the Alma library information system software, and was subsequently shared with other Harvard Library units.

This booster enables printing bibliographic records from multiple points in Alma, reduces mouse-clicking, streamlines navigation to invoice and receiving screens, and facilitates adding of Harvard local MARC fields to bibliographic and holding records for statistics and special collections processing. The Harvard Library Judaica Division welcomes collaboration with other Alma library installations to further develop this tool.

To add the current version of the HJ Alma Booster to your Chrome profile, click here and contact Elizabeth Vernon of the Harvard Library Judaica Division at juddiv@fas.harvard.edu for the activation password.

The code for the HJ Alma Booster can be found on GitHub here. Macro Express helper files for the HJ Alma Booster may be found here.

Note: the Macro Express helper files are only needed for the recording statistics code in holding record and bib/holdings linking “boosters” — all other HJ Alma Booster functionality is independent of the Macro Express helper files and requires only the Chrome Extension to run.