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Interlibrary Add-on

This Cloud App is adding features to help handling Borrowing Request activities more smoothly.

NEW feature: Convert Borrowing Request to Digitization Request in a few clicks:

The new “Convert Borrowing Requests to Digitization Request” will simplify the process of fulfilling Borrowing Request from local resources.

The steps are:

1. Select the Borrowing Request in the Cloud App.

2. Find the relevant physical item and view it in Alma.

3. Click the convert-button in the Cloud App.

NB! Location codes/Item policies valid for digitization (institution wide) can only be configured by user-role “General Administrator“! in the configuration part of the Cloud App. Look for the wrench-symbol.

The “External localization” part of the Interlibrary Add-on provides functionality to create personal links templates in order to make this localization easier.

In connection with fulfilling borrowing requests from users, librarians may need to localize materials at partners or library cooperatives.

Using “External localization” is done in two steps:

1. Create one or more link-templates in App-settings – One of the following Alma-attributes can be used: ISBN, Title Author and ISSN(New).

2. Go to the “External localization” part of the app. When borrowing requests are shown in Alma, a list with links will now show in the app. The links are based upon the link templates.

Please note, that links will only show for items, where the used Alma-attribute (ISBN, Title, Author or ISSN(NEW)) has actual content in Alma. Mouse over on the link will show the actual value of the Alma-attribute.

Link to open issues in Github