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Lean Library

Lean Library puts the library in your patron’s workflow, making content and resources accessible whenever and wherever your patrons need them.

SFX integration:


The Delivery Domain is the Base URL of your SFX services menu.  For example:  http://sfxhosted.exlibrisgroup.com/customer_name.

Alma integration:


Please visit the Ex Libris Knowledge Center to help determine your Alma Delivery Domain and institution code.

360 Link integration:


Your 360 Link hash is required for set up.  To determine your 360 Link hash:

  1. In the 360 Core Client Center, go to “Home > Library Settings > Library URLs”
  2. Look at the “Link Resolver Base URL” or “E-Journal Portal URL”.
  3. The hash is the alphanumeric code immediately following https://.

Summon integration:


Your Summon Access ID, which is the URL prefix for your Summon site, and a secret key, which may be obtained by contacting Ex Libris Support, are required. Please visit this Ex Libris Developer Network page for additional information concerning Summon APIs.


For any questions, or pricing information, please visit our website or reach out to us at info@leanlibrary.com.