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Legal Deposit Helper

This Alma Cloud App has the purpose of facilitate the job of handling legal deposits based on the (rather special) processes at the Royal Danish Library.

The following functions is found:

1. Purchase Order Lines Cancel: Choose at number of PO lines from a list/set, that you want to cancel – used at our library for cancelling Polines that has been harvested into our Alma by mistake.

2. Purchase Order Lines Replace Vendor: Choose at single PO line from at list/set, that has the wrong vendor. Search the correct vendor in the Cloud App and replace the original vendor with the new one – used at our library for change default vendor on harvested PO lines. In “Settings” it is possible to filter the PO lines shown in the Cloud App by vendor name. It is also possible to limit vendors found in the search by (part of) vendor name.

3. Receive Bulk: This is a special case for The Royal Danish Library. We receive different types of legal deposits, and this function updates a given vendors vendor code with a “_BULK_” suffix containing date information. Further more the vendors will get at note adding telling about the type and number of materials received.