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Libris Holdings

Cloud App which connects records in Alma to Libris Holdings. Libris is the Swedish national union catalog.

This app is still in BETA-version.

From a list of items in Alma the app contacts the Libris- API and search for holdings there. And from the configured Library codes (“sigel”) in the  app holdings for specific libraries are shown, also with links to the Libris cataloging system.

In the configuration page Library codes Sigels and URL to “Libris” are defined.

Example: Sigels for KTH: T, Te and Tct.

Link to libris “sandbox”:  https://libris-qa.kb.se

The proxy field is not used at the moment (this is might be used in a future version.)

So add the Libris- URL. Klick on “Save”. Then add the Sigels(and library name) by clicking “Add sigel”

After the config is done. Search for physical titles. For instance “mathematics”. The app will go through the list of Titles and get the Libris Holdings and show them in the app(if they exist in the external system). The Title is also a link to the main bib in “Libris” and then each holding has a link to the holding in “Libris”