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Alma Integration with the NACSIS-CAT/ILL System

This app provides an integration with the Japanese NACSIS catalog and ILL system. Currently supports the following functionalities:

  • Holdings management
    • Given a bibliographic record in Alma, the app displays the existing holdings in NACSIS for the current library (with the ability to view holdings for all libraries)
    • Add/update NACSIS holdings for the current library
  • Search and Copy Cataloging
    • Search for Bibliographic and Authority records and import them into Alma
    • Catalog new/updated records in Alma and contribute to the NACSIS catalog
  • Member information management
    • Edit my library information in NACSIS
    • View other NACSIS members’ information
  • ILL Borrowing request creation
    • Create a borrowing request in NACSIS

For more information on this integration, please see the Alma documentation here.