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Third Iron API Services in Search Results

Add Third Iron powered enhancements to your search results: LibKey Instant PDF Downloading for fast content access, Viewing the Complete Issue of an article inside of BrowZine to increase serendipitous discovery and Journal Cover Images to improve journal recognition.  All elements are dynamically loaded and displayed on article and journal records whenever possible.

Easy customization inside of Primo Studio includes toggles for all data elements, an ability to modify the link labels and the option to include or exclude print records from enhancement.

For more information about the integration visit this detailed guide on the Third Iron website here: https://thirdiron.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BrowZineAPIDocs/pages/79200260/Ex+Libris+Primo+Integration

Subscription to Third Iron Services, an API Key and a Third Iron Library ID are required to use this Add-on.  For further installation assistance contact support@thirdiron.com