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Firefox Add-On:

General functions

  • Expand list of search terms (IDs, MMS-IDs, ISBN): with Ctrl-Alt-Y
  • Syntax highlighting for Marc21 (like in AlEn by Michael Birkner)
  • High contrast (black font)
  • Warning on duplicates or records marked for deletion (970) or other regular expression rules
  • Dynamic loading of bookmarklets (macros)
  • Sorting of “Item List” by description Ctrl-Alt-D
  • Move messages to bottom of window
  • Process Slip
  • Warning on wrong location (based on client IP address)


  • Diff-Viewer Ctrl-Alt-Y: Compare draft in editor with saved version and show changes.
    Compare current record with selected history version, or compare two different records in split screen.
  • Jump to first empty field or scroll to end of record
  • Ctrl-Alt-T filter template list with predefined value.
    Press Backspace to apply filter, select entry with Cursor-Down and Enter, use Tab to activate “Ok” and finish with Enter.
    Or use your mouse.
  • Add value to empty 852_8_c on save
  • Warning on wrong cataloging level.

Item Editor

  • Apply template Ctrl-Alt-T, change template values Shift-Ctrl-Alt-T
  • Change item policy Ctrl-Alt-C, change value Shift-Ctrl-Alt-C
  • Change process type Ctrl-Alt-B, change value Shift-Ctrl-Alt-B