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UCBooks: Institutional Resource Search

UCBooks provides a white-label platform for members of your institution to buy, sell or lend used textbooks and access library content.

Library metadata is delivered tailored to the student’s search query. Holding information can be accessed, and e-books read, native to the app. One can also save resources for future viewing. We have integrations with PRIMO search, ALMA Bibs and ALMA SRUs. Access to the platform is limited to an institution via single sign-on.

This service includes A White-Label Website, A Progressive Web Integration, A Browser Extension, A Native Mobile Application and A Learning Tools Interoperability Integration.

During the last orientation period of a fortnight at the University of Amsterdam, over six hundred students signed up and over twelve thousand push notifications were sent to student devices. Over four hundred library resources were interacted with. On 31st August, 2019, we were 27th in the Dutch App Store. We currently service three academic institutions.

Easy to Use: Use your phone to scan the isbn barcode to find a book.

Borrow Library Resources: Affiliates may check availability, locate and reserve full-text library resources.

On & Off-Campus Access to Online Library Material: You can directly read available library ebooks, monographs or journals and save holding information for future access.

Reader for Select Online Resources: We also provide a reader for affiliates to directly access select online resources. One may save reading location and even interact with a resource by chapter.

Simple to Track: If you search for a book that you seek, you won’t need to keep checking the app constantly. You will be notified as soon as a student posts it.

Academic Centered: Service access is limited to institutional affiliates via valid institutional identity numbers. We provide academic libraries an annual license in return for our offering.

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