Alma Analytics - How to find and view a specific COUNTER report which was loaded to Alma and is reflected in Alma Analytics
There are sometimes cases where a user views COUNTER usage date in Alma Analytics and may wonder why the data appears the way it does. For example he or she may think that in actuality there is more (or less) usage than what is reflected in Alma Analytics.  Or, he or she may have downloaded…


SAML JIT (Just-In-Time) configuration sample
As of the March 2020 release, Alma’s SAML Integration supports creation and update of users on the fly, based on their information in the IDP. The workflow is as following: User is authenticated by the IDP User exists in Alma? If yes - update this user's information based on the SAML assertion If not -…


Change label displayTag font in WebVoyage to make field more visible
Introduction. This blog post provides a fairly simple way to change the font color and type for a WebVoyage field tag in order to make it more visible in the record display. In this example we change the "Links" field tag to "ONLINE ACCESS", plus we change the font color to red and the font type to…

VOYAGER Webvoyage

PrimoVE Item Locations Filter
We recently switched from Primo to PrimoVE and have had numerous complaints about activating the Filter Options for item locations in the Full Display view. Here is the code I wrote to auto-enable the filter so that it will be on for users when they do a search. Here is a sample picture showing the…

PRIMO Filter PrimoVE

User Tokens and the Primo APIs
Several of the Primo REST APIs operate in the context of a user. Those APIs require that the caller send in a token which represents the user’s context. This post lays out the steps required to create the token and use it in subsequent API calls. Create the Token To create the user token, you…


How California College of the Arts is Using Summon to Achieve Their Goals
Contact Name: Eric PhetteplaceJob Title: Systems LibrarianInstitution: California College of the Arts Q: California College of the Arts focuses on “learning through making”. With multiple programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, how does CCA approach discovery and the unique needs of the diverse patron groups that use the libraries on a day-to-day basis?The biggest challenge…


Managing dependencies in AEK 2
With the React16 release of AEK 2, we moved from using NPM to using Yarn. This process was mostly transparent to users, with some issues on new machines on Windows (who hadn't already installed the AEK CLI with NPM). A lot of the advice in this blog post can apply to dependency management in general,…


How to report on an API area by time range in five easy steps
ONELog into the developers network and choose "Build my APIs > Reports > History > Group by API Area"TWOChoose desired date rangeTHREEClick "Go"FOURSee results in desired time rangeFIVENote that the desired date range is also included in the "Download in CSV" results 


How to define an API key to work only within a specific IP range in five easy steps
In the example below we will use to get our IP address.We will use to convert the desired IP range to format CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing).ONEOur IP address is CIDR format for range - (which includes our IP address) is creating a new API key or editing an existing…


Alma APIs with Vue.js
We are in the age of single-page web applications (SPAs). A SPA loads in a user’s browser and sends requests to the server to bring or update data. Rather than returning to the server to receive new HTML, the user interface is updated dynamically based on the data retrieved. The rise of frameworks for JavaScript…