The ANZREG Alma Cloud Apps Hackathon
 The Australia New Zealand Regional Ex Libris Group (ANZREG) sponsored an Alma Cloud Apps Hackathon during March 2021. Our goals were collaboration, learning and solving problems. ANZREG usually holds a Developers’ Day each year, but the pandemic cancelled our 2020 plans for that. As a result the ANZREG Committee was keen to host an event…


Alma-Primo Locate Tool
The Alma-Primo Locate Tool (APLT) allows you to create and describe libraries and locations to help your users know where your open stacks are located. It uses the Alma Discovery Interface Integration Profile and the Alma API; it displays a button in Primo – using the c.uresolver.locate label, hence the name – which links to…


Setting up a Receipt Printer (and Letters) with ALMA
I hope this will help other people set up a receipt printer to use with Alma. For the first two steps, I am referring to documentation and videos that helped me with our setup. Many libraries may have these two steps already done, even without using a receipt printer. I am not a coder, and…


Technical Services Toolbox for Alma
Introduction The Technical Services Toolbox for Alma (TSTA) is a Windows desktop app that pulls together a number of functions to automate some of the more onerous tasks that Technical Services has to do (at the University of Manitoba anyway, also in some other libraries no doubt).  Some of these tasks were post-migration data cleanup…


How to install and use the Bulk Scan In cloud app
See also: Ex Libris Introduces Cloud Apps Open Framework The Ex Libris App Center Deploying Cloud Apps Announcing the Cloud Apps Open Framework for the Ex Libris Higher-Ed Platform (Video) Cloud Apps in Alma (Video) The cloud apps is "an open framework which allows developers to write apps which run inside Ex Libris higher education products such…


How to use functions on fields in Alma Analytics Data Visualization (DV)
In this blog post we will be using Alma Analytics Data Visualization (DV) to perform a function on a specific field.  We will do the REPLACE function.  Other examples may be, for example, to use the LEFT or RIGHT function. We will do this using OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) Data Visualization, specifically how it is…


Managing online payments with Symfony and PayFlow Link
By Ginger Bidwell, Clint Osborne and Mike Hagedon  (University of Arizona)Our payments application allows our customers to pay for technology services and fines online through Alma.Moving from Millennium to AlmaOriginally we used Millennium for our library catalog. It allowed customers to pay for their late or lost fines. By setting up special user accounts, we…


Leveraging the Public Cloud: Building a Serverless API
Often when building apps for our users there is a need to host a back-end API. Public cloud offerings make hosting APIs easy and affordable. In a previous post, we used the services of the AWS public cloud to host an API. In this post, we'll learn how to use the AWS API Gateway and…


Getting Started Writing a Developer Network Blog Post
The Ex Libris developer community has a strong tradition of collaboration, and publishing a post on the Developer Network is a great way to share tips, tricks, success stories, how-to guides, and other content which can help your fellow developers fulfill the requirements of their respective institutions. In this post, we'll walk through the process…


How to use the Ex Libris Secure FTP service
Please see the movie here and  presentation here , for instructions and tips on using the Ex Libris Secure FTP service from FileZilla.See the blog post here for details about using it from WinSCP and shell scripts.