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Editing Rosetta structure maps in Excel
Logical structure map XMLs in Rosetta have nested, complex structure. This makes it sometimes difficult to create and to edit them in XML, for example, to add new hierarchy levels or to correct the existing structure. To simplify this process, I developed a tool that can transform structure map XML files into CSV and back.…

ROSETTA Editing Structure Maps

Transforming simple CSV to Rosetta CSV
The tool (available on github) helps Rosetta customers to create CSV files that have the structure Rosetta requires. The Java tool is specifically useful for digitization projects where there is a unique ID per entity, and this ID is used as a base name (prefix) for all files of this entity. The expected simple source…


Monitoring Rosetta log files with Elastic stack
IntroductionKeeping an eye on your Rosetta log files can be fairly cumbersome. There is plenty of information and it is not always easy to find the lines that you are interested in. If you are running Rosetta on multiple load-balanced servers, the problem escalates as you may have to search in multiple files on different…


Native support for SSL communication
Rosetta 6.0 supports native SSL communication for non-load-balancer topologies. To install and configure SSL support, please follow the next steps for each server. 1. Prepare the Certificate Keystore In order to implement SSL, Rosetta needs a JKS format keystore. To create a new JKS from scratch, containing a single self-signed certificate, execute the following command:…


Standards Support at Ex Libris
As a part of our open collaboration with customers, Ex Libris engages with the IGeLU/ELUNA Interoperability Special Interest Working Group (SIWG) to encourage use of our platform, support a community of developers, and receive input on the APIs and integrations road maps. The working group published a position paper in 2017 in which it recommended…


DNX update by a repository task plugin
This post is intended as a kind of tutorial on creating repository task plugins to modify DNX metadata in batch. This plugin was created to correct IEs where a Handle identifier was created in the wrong place: it was added to the internalIdentifier section of the IE DNX, but should have been in fact be…


Rosetta Deposit Tool
The Rosetta Deposit Tool is a Java-based client that library staff can use as an alternative to the Rosetta web deposit module for submitting simple content to Rosetta from a Windows environment. It provides a configurable Dublin Core metadata form and a file upload interface for creating an IE with a single representation and one or…


Publishing Full text From Rosetta to Primo
In this post we will show how to publish full-text content from Rosetta to Primo that is supported from version 5.2 of Rosetta. If you are new to the publishing process, here is a great place to start: Publishing full-text will allow searching the content of our files in Primo, improving our search capabilities…


Customizing Metadata Display in Your Viewer
Institutions can customize the XSL transformation that displays collection, IE- and file-level metadata in the viewers. This gist provides examples of the exported raw XMLs that are transformed. See also Rosetta Staff User Guide, Ch. 8: Delivery XSLs.


Preserving Digitized Alma Content with Rosetta
Alma digitization flows can be configured to result in adding digital inventory to an existing bibliographic record. If the digitized content is considered worthy of preservation, libraries can choose to ingest content into Rosetta and manage in Alma as remote representations rather than ingesting into Alma. This process can be done manually, with Alma staff…