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Making ILL Requests from a Consortial Primo to Aleph ILL Module Using Self-developed JSP Programs on Primo
Primo at the time of writing (version 4.9.4) doesn't have the functionality to make ILL request from non-home institute's titles using Primo default ILL request option. The consortial project for Hong Kong self-finance institutes (http://www.csids.edu.hk/) however planned to implement such function: to allow legitimate users requesting an ILL-available title of other consortial members on home institute Primo View…


Using PDS and Alma for user authentication and authorisation for Relais inter-library loans system
At Swinburne University Library we have recently upgraded our Relais inter-library loans system to use PDS for authenticating users and Alma for user/group authorisation. In this blog post we'll detail why and how to do this to aid other Relais/ExLibris sites. Why Historically with our Relais system user accounts had to be manually created for…