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Authentication Update
Authentication is one of the most critical integrations between Alma and Primo and the university infrastructure. We continue to invest in authentication options to remain up to date with industry standards, to provide a secure platform, and to fill the integration needs of a wide array of institutional authentication landscapes. In this post, we’ll review…


SAML JIT (Just-In-Time) configuration sample
As of the March 2020 release, Alma’s SAML Integration supports creation and update of users on the fly, based on their information in the IDP. The workflow is as following: User is authenticated by the IDP User exists in Alma? If yes - update this user's information based on the SAML assertion If not -…


Defining an Auth0 app for OpenID Connect authentication with Alma
Alma supports login using OpenID Connect standard. Following are instructions for defining an Auth0 app to allow login to Alma using Auth0. For general information about OpenID Connect and Alma, see here. Connect to Auth0. On the dashboard, click “Applications” and then “Create Application”. Fill in the Name field. Choose "Regular Web Applications" as the…