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Adding an oadoi dot org GES link to Primo

(Please note that could perhaps be called the back-end to the browser extension. It’s complicated and beyond the scope of this blog post, but some sources state that using the unpaywall extension provides access to more sources than the link described here.)

Adding a link to the open access version service in Primo via a General Electronic Service is slightly more complicated than the other services I have documented here.

The purpose of this blog entry is to give you the configuration that we use at the Colorado School of Mines.

It assume you understand setting up General Electronic Services and Display Logic Rules.

This service is based upon the existence of a DOI in the metadata. It uses that DOI in an OpenURL to connect to the service and provide a link in your Primo LINKS section. It is a nice service to set up for your patrons and it is fairly easy to do so.

Please note that we are on PrimoVE and your setup may differ.

Below I provide screenshots of how our service is set up.

The OpenURL is the following:{rft.doi}

You can use the GES configuration in conjunction with Display Logic Rules to determine when this link appears. At Mines we want it to appear whenever there is a DOI, when the item is not a book, and when we do not have full text access to the item.

Thus the logic Mines uses is relatively complex. You may want to do it differently.

First I will present the GES configurations which specify to display the link when there is a DOI and when the item is not a book. That will be followed by the Display Logic Rules configuration which displays the service only if it is not available in full text.

Please note that you should be able to right click on the screenshots below to view them more easily.

Note that the service availability rules work in conjunction with the display logic rules. if your configuration isn’t working as you think it should, chances are good you’ve got logic problems somewhere in the service availability or display logic setup.

The default rule is indeed to display. The availability rules along with the display logic rules limit the default.

Here is the link in Primo:

And here is a successful example:


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  1. I don’t see rft.doi in use in any of the Primo getit templates. Primo seems to use rft_id to hold DOI, but the issue is that is always Not Empty, because when there is no DOI it contains:


    We can edit our own templates to create workarounds but ExL advises against editing these templates.

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