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Alma Digital Migration Tool

Opher Kutner on January 3rd, 2016

The Alma Digital Migration Tool can be used to migrate digital content from an external OAI-PMH supporting repository. The tool consists of two files:

* config.rb - the configuration file
* migrate.rb - the script


The tool runs the following procedure:

  • Sends an OAI-PMH ListRecords request (based on a pre-configured base URL and set)
  • Downloads OAI-PMH records (provided in MARCXML format)
  • Downloads each stream referenced in the 856$$u subfield
  • Renames the streams according to the HTTP header and replaces the 856$$u content
  • Creates a new ingest folder in your institution's upload folder, under a pre-configured MD Profile ID
  • Creates a MARCXML collection file and uploads the file and referenced streams to the ingest folder
  • Cleans up the local temp folder

The tool is adapted to the DigiTool OAI-PMH and delivery responses, but with minor changes can be used for any repository that publishes according to OAI-PMH standards. The tool requires that record contain a direct URL to the stream. In DigiTool, this requires the request to be caught be a delivery rule that delivers a stream (as opposed to a viewer).

The script is available here. Be sure to check for required gems.