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Alma “New Books” list from Analytics Reports to Static HTML for Web Site Inclusion

Important notice:

The code as originally included to create the Primo Link in Analytics doesn’t work well any more.  I will update the zip file but will also post the new, improved code as it is used by Mines here (you will want to change the URL and the vid to match your configuration):

‘’ || “Bibliographic Details”.”MMS Id” || ‘&context=U&vid=01COLSCHL_INST:MINES&lang=en’

This zip file contains instructions via an MS Word document for creating a static HTML file from Analyatics reports using basic tools like Excel and UltraEdit (or a text editor of your choice).

Included are examples of Analytics reports for both physical and electronic items.  Also included are examples of output files for comparison purposes.

Assistance from University of Minnesota – Duluth was integral to the success of this project and is gratefully acknowledged.

Link to zip file.

Please note that since this blog post was published we have moved the display of these data to a LibGuide.  We still use this process to generate the code.  Here’s the link to the LibGuide (3-2018):

The RSS Feed tab in the above LibGuide is created using Feedburner in conjunction with the Alma “on-board” New Books functionality.  See:

Feedburner takes the Alma RSS feed and creates usable feed links.


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