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Alma binding workflow

Sending Items to the Bindery

When books or journals are sent to the bindery, we need Alma to indicate that they are not on the shelf:
  1. Search for the item you are sending to bindery.
  2. Click the activities button and choose Work Order:
  3. Choose Bindery as the Request/Process Type
  4. Choose Do not pick from shelf
  5. Choose the binding department as the target destination:
  6. The item will now show a process type of Bindery:
  7. Repeat this process for each issue or item that is being sent to the bindery

Receiving Items from the Bindery

For items or serials that have been bound together with other items (not just repaired or bound alone) we need to collapse the items within Alma so that it only shows one volume/item for everything that has been bound together. Additionally, you will need to remove the items from the bindery process.

Removing items from the Bindery Process

  1. From the Alma menu under acquisitions and post-receiving process, choose Receiving Department Items
  2. Choose the item returning from the bindery and click the done button:
  3. From the Alma menu under fulfillment, checkout/checkin, choose Return items.
  4. Scan the barcode or search for the item.
  5. The item now says it will be reshelved. You can continue to scan more items from this screen.

Binding items together

  1. Search for the item. You can do this by title or barcode.
  2. For the volume you are receiving from the bindery, find the issues/items that are contained in the volume.
  3. Select those volumes and click the bind items button:
  4. The next screen is for you to double check you have the correct issues. If you do not, you can click cancel and re-select the items.
  5. Click the next button.
  6. Click the create and edit button. (DO NOT CHOSE A WORK ORDER TYPE):
  7. Now you will see the item editing screen.
  8. If you have a book or other item, add a barcode and scan it in the system. If you are doing serials, ignore the barcode.
  9. Enter the relevant enumeration and Chronology and generate the description:
  10. After saving, the item should appear in your list.


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