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Batch Import Amazon Order with Alma API (Amazon Business Account)

Witt Meesangnil on July 26th, 2018

Like many libraries, aside from our main library book vendor, we also order quite a lot of stuff from Amazon. While Alma's Item Search in Amazon function is not bad, we want to be able to import order in batch. One day we stumble upon the fact that we have Amazon Business Account and it allows us to export order information into a .CSV file.


Figure 1: Amazon's Business Analytics (Amazon > Your Account > Download Order Reports - Business Account Only)

Figure 2: sample csv file with irrelevant columns hidden (please note that Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for book is basically an ISBN)

So we basically built a page that allow technical services staff to upload the .csv downloaded from Amazon, then a script will parse the .CSV file and present it on the page so staff can edit other info not included in Amazon .csv export such as fund and reporting code.


Figure 3: upload .csv file

Figure 4: data from .csv parsed on to a page for further editing


Here's the source code on Github (PHP and Vue.js)