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Calculate Your Alma Storage in Use with AWS S3 CLI

Opher Kutner on January 10th, 2016

Alma's January 2016 Release provides a brand new infrastructure for managing digital assets. This release contains core functionality to support day-to-day digital curation workflows, and additional features will be released throughout the coming years on a monthly basis.
Alma uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Solution (S3) cloud storage service as the backend for digital resources stored in Alma. In order to allow institutions to monitor their storage usage, Ex Libris plans to expose the relevant data in the Analytics module, allowing users to leverage that framework to create the necessary reports. As an interim solution, users can utilize the AWS S3 Command-Line Interface tool (CLI) to monitor their storage.

Prerequisites: AWS S3 CLI

Once you've installed the tool, add your configuration and credentials as described here. Note: If you do not yet have an S3 key and secret, refer to Alma Online Help under "Generating a Digital Storage Access Key".
Test your configuration by running the following:
>aws s3 ls s3://<bucketname>/<institution>/ --region <region>

You should see this:

                           PRE storage/
                           PRE upload/

To determine your bucketname and region, see here. An example could look like this:

>aws s3 ls s3:// --region us-east-1

Once you have the tool configured properly, run the following command:

>aws s3 ls s3://<bucketname>/<institution>/storage/alma --region <region> --recursive --summarize --human-readable > almastorage.txt
Open almastorage.txt in a text editor and scroll to the bottom to see the number of files and total size:
Total Objects: 501
   Total Size: 214.9 MiB