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Blank form for Resource Sharing requests

The University of Liège Library has set up a blank form for Resource Sharing requests that is integrated with Alma using the Alma APIs. We did so because there was a need for a more customized request form for RS requests. Some characteristics of our form and the integration with Alma:

  1. Developed in Perl;
  2. The form is also accessible to non-registered users like commercial societies and firms (= document delivery to non-registered users);
  3. ILL form changes according to the requested material (Journal article, Journal issue, Book or thesis, Book or thesis chapter) and only necessary fields are displayed;
  4. By putting a DOI or PMID, then the form 'Requested document' section is automatically completed;
  5. Journal title field is interfaced with a locally managed journal database;
  6. In case of print delivery, selecting a pick up location from the list is mandatory.

Form URL :
Configuration script :
Main script :