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Configure MarcEdit 7 to work with Alma

Janice Christopher on May 14th, 2018

NOT the same as setting up MarcEdit 6!

These instructions are for setting up MarcEdit 7 to integrate with your PRODUCTION Alma. It is highly recommended that you configure MarcEdit to work against your SANDBOX environment to begin with. I have indicated in the instructions where you would substitute sandbox values. Be careful!


STEP 1: Set up SRU integration profile in Alma

Use the instructions here to configure a SRU integration  profile. At a minimum, you must check the "Active" checkbox to activate the profile.

[Note: There have been exchanges on the MARCEDIT-L list about how retrieving holdings -- an 852 -- in your bib can create problems if you try to reload the bib without removing the holdings field: Alma will create a second holdings record. I would suggest that you use MarcEdit for bib record edits only, and use Alma's native tools to manage your holdings records, unless you've done extensive testing.]

STEP 2: Get Alma API key

Use these instructions ( to obtain an API key. The application needs both the Bibs API and the Users API. On the API management tab, select Production read/write [If setting up against your Alma sandbox, choose Sandbox read/write]. Remember to save.

STEP 3: Configure MarcEdit


Open MarcEdit, and click on the little configuration gear 

In the left column, click on "ILS Integration"

Host name for the ExLibris API gateway is (for North America; adjust as necessary)

Username is blank

Password is your API key

Check "Ignore SSL Certificate Errors"

Check "Use Z39.50 Settings" and then click "Edit" under this line. "SRU Database Properties" popup opens.

  • Name is whatever you want to call it (e.g., Our Alma)
  • URL is https://<your base Alma URL>/view/sru/<YOURDATABASENAME (e.g., -- if setting up against your Alma sandbox, use the sandbox's base URL
  • Version is 1.2
  • Metadata schema is MARCXML
  • Search Profile is Custom

Custom Profile Settings are as follows:

  • Title Index: alma.title
  • Author Index: alma.creator
  • Subject Index: alma.subject
  • ISBN Index: alma.isbn
  • ISSN index: alma.issn
  • Record # Index: alma.source_record_id
  • Keyword Index: alma.all_for_ui

Terry Reese has almost all of this SRU configuration information here:

Click Save; then click OK.

You should be ready to search in MarcEdit using the Z39.50/SRU tool!!

Contact me if these instructions need revision or clarification: