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Customized Citation Disclaimer on Primo New UI Feb 2017 Release

On Primo Feb 2017 version new UI, the disclaimer is missing while the same feature is on the Prmio old UI. I used Angular JS to implement the same feature on the new UI. The method is self-explained by the description of the source codes below:


 app.component('prmCitationAfter', {
 templateUrl: '/primo-explore/custom/' + vid + '/html/prmCitationAfter.html',
 require: ['child', '^parent'],
 bindings: {parentCtrl: '='},


<div id="citationDisclaimer"> <citationDisclaimer translate="citation.labels.disclaimer"></citationDisclaimer> </div>


Wai-yan NG

The Open University of Hong Kong, LibraryNew UI Customized Disclaimer