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Defining Facebook App for social login in Alma

Alma supports login using social network details. See Social Login for more details. Following are instructions for defining a Facebook app to allow login to Alma using Facebook.
Note that in order to define the Facebook app, you need an active Facebook account. This can be a personal account or a “general” account for the library. We recommend to use a general account.
    1. Connect to Facebook Developers site with the library’s Facebook account.
    2. Click on “My Apps” in the upper right and then “Add a New App”.
    3. Fill in the Display Name field. Note that you cannot use “Facebook” in the name:

Click “Create App ID”.

    1. On the next screen, add the “Facebook Login” product:
    2. On the next screen, select “Web” platform:

  1. Enter your site URL and press “Continue”. Click “next” to skip “Set Up the Facebook SDK for Javascript”, “Check Login Status”, “Add the Facebook Login Button”, “Next Steps”.
  2. Now click on “Facebook login” > “Settings” in the left menu
  3. Define the Redirect URIs
    Put the institution’s Alma domain and the institution’s Alma delivery domain, both with “/infra/socialLoginRedirect” suffix. For example:
    See here for more details about Alma domain names.
    Note that it is possible to configure here several URIs. This means that you can define here a sandbox URI, and later on add the production URI.
  4. Make sure that “Use Strict Mode” is on.
  5. Leave all the other settings as they are and click “Save Changes”.
  6. Click on “App Review” in the left menu, and define your app as public:
  7. Go back to “Dashboard”, and copy the client ID and secret:

The App ID and App secret should be defined in Alma in the “Social Login” integration profile. See Alma OLH for more details.

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