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Defining Twitter App for social login in Alma

Alma supports login using social network details. See Social Login for more details.
Following are instructions for defining a Twitter app to allow login to Alma using Twitter as mentioned here.
Connect to with the library’s Twitter account.
Press on “Create New App”.
Give it a name and a description. For website you can use you own institution website URL.
For Callback URL add your Alma URL, e.g.

In the Keys and Access tokens change the Access Level from Read and write to Read-only.

From there you can also grab the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

The Consumer Key and Consumer Secret should be defined in Alma in the “Social Login” integration profile. See Alma OLH for more details.

2 Replies to “Defining Twitter App for social login in Alma”

  1. Can you explain more about the Callback URL and what it might need to be for Primo VE? Does it have to be or can it be or if we are just enabling for Primo VE, is it Regardless, I’m getting an error when visiting the Twitter Site to login: “The request token for this page is invalid. It may have already been used, or expired because it is too old. Please go back to the site or application that sent yo here and try again; it was probably just a mistake.” The URL shows: “”

    Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Brian,
    Please use your Primo VE’s URL. The actual one which the end-user is using.
    If you have any further question I suggest contacting Support, because it is hard to investigate such integrations will going into details.
    Alma API Team

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