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Integrating JW Player as a Rosetta Viewer

JW Player is an audio/video player that can be integrated as a Rosetta viewer.

Note: It is recommend to use version 5.10, tested by Rosetta development. The viewer does not work with JWPlayer v.6 since it is HTML5 based, and Rosetta’s implementation uses the flash option.

To install the player, please follow these steps:

  1. Clone the viewer repository from
  2. In the viewer package, open /web/conf/ and replace the ‘wsdlLocation’ property hostname and port with your application server hostname and port.
  3. Repackage video-player-viewer.war and deploy on your application server (it is recommended to use an external application server so that your viewer is not affected by future changes to the Rosetta application server).
  4. Configure JW Player as a Rosetta Viewer. The viewer can be configured as either an IE or a FILE viewer. No VPP is required.
URLs for configuring as an external viewer:
  • Video viewer: http://{host:port}/{path}/{warName}/videoPlayerViewer?provider=VIDEO (e.g.: http://externalapplicationserver:1801/video-player-viewer/videoPlayerViewer?provider=VIDEO)
  • Audio viewer: http://{host:port}/{path}/{warName}/videoPlayerViewer?provider=AUDIO (e.g.: http://externalapplicationserver:1801/video-player-viewer/videoPlayerViewer?provider=AUDIO)

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