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EDI Invoice format to distribute tax and charges

Frances Dodd on December 22nd, 2017

This aims to supplement the integration doc on EDI Invoice format, to detail the required format for distributing tax and service charge across the lines when importing EDI invoices.
Alma can import EDI invoices and distribute these amounts when they are delivered in particular segments of the file, as follows:
PRI+AAB = subtotal line amount
MOA+124 = tax amount (either line amount at item-level or total amount in the header)
MOA+8 = service charge amount (total amount, must appear in the header)
Note: Alma grabs the first-listed amount present in the file and ignores any following segments, for either tax or service charge.
Note also that, per the Knowledge Center instruction, Alma must be configured for this (split additional charges=false, plus: enable additional line types).

Below are headers and first lines from two working examples.
1. Ebsco:
Service charge and tax in header (distributed during import by Alma)
Subtotal at item level
2. Coutts:
Service charge in header (distributed during import by Alma)
Subtotal and tax at item level