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Exporting Electronic Portfolios from Alma to BrowZine in a network topology

Katie Sanders on November 19th, 2017

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Initial Setup

Campuses that have an Alma NZ setup with Electronic content that is managed centrally in the NZ using the group setting need to run the publishing job in both the NZ and their individual IZs. Consortia's with NZs likely have governance regulations around who can get access to the NZ, so campuses may need to contact their consortia staff to set up and run the NZ portion of the job.
  1. In the Alma NZ set up the SFTP Connections for all the campuses.
  • It is under General Configuration>S/FTP in the current Alma UI. In the new UI click on the gear and search for FTP.
  • Set it up with the settings below and make sure the test works.
  • Save it and make sure it has the campus name in the connection name.

2. In the NZ – Make a set of E titles limit to Material type = journal and Electronic Collection is available for = institution name. Make sure you have the campus name in the set name.
In the current UI, go to Administration>Manage Sets>Add a new set. In the new UI just do a search for Electronic titles with the material type limit equal to journal and the available for equal to the campus, and save the set.

Monthly process

Once the initial config is complete, someone will need to go into the NZ once a month and run the job for each campus.
1. Run a job:
  • Current and New UI: Admin> Run a job
  • Select Export Electronic Portfolios
  • Select the campus Etitles for Browzine set
  • On the next page make sure the out is:

            Google Scholar XML schema
            One File
            FTP should be the same campus SFTP config as the set you created
            Sub-directory is blank
            Make sure the interface name is checked.

2. Click Next and Submit.
3. Repeat the process for the other campuses in the consortia that subscribe to Browzine.
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