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IIPImage Viewer VPP

IIPImage is an advanced high-performance feature-rich image server system for web-based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images. Follow the instructions below to integrate IIPImage as an external Rosetta viewer. For more details, please visit the IIPImage website. The VPP Plugin can be downloaded from here; iipzoom.html is available here.

  1. Download and install IIPImage server from the IIPImage website. We recommend using an external application server.
  2. Mount Rosetta permanent storage on the IIPImage server machine, using the same name as the mount on the Rosetta machine. The full path to the storage files from each server must be identical.
  3. Copy iipzoom.html to the web root directory on the IIPImage sever (e.g. /var/www/iipzoom)
  4. Install FilePathVppPlugin.jar as a VPP plugin (for more information see here).
  5. In Viewer management, add a new viewer using the URL of iipzoom.html (e.g. and select the FilePathVppPlugin VPP.
  6. Create a delivery rule for the new viewer.

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