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ILLiad Alma NCIP integration with individual libraries as resource sharing ones instead of the default

This is an attempt to more fully document the ILLiad System Addon for Alma, it’s evolution, and to provide current code. Extensive documentation for configuring ILLiad and Alma to use this version of the addon are included.

This version of the addon is based upon the NCIP Addon Bill Jones at the IDS Project originally created for Harvard to link ILLiad and Aleph together. Tom McNulty of VCU worked with Moshe Shechter at Ex Libris and Shawn Styer at Atlas Systems to modify it to work with Alma. Chen Mackfeld at ExLibris worked with Kurt Munson at Northwestern to configure it after the June 2015 Alma release. Staff from Atlas Systems working with Northwestern made further modifications so that it will work with multiple Organization Unit Names in Alma and associate these with multiple NVTGCs or sites in ILLiad. Lender due dates are also supported in this configuration. This version of the addon also handles longer barcodes than the Harvard and VCU versions. These instructions are for situations where individual libraries are configured as resource sharing ones in Alma with locations under a fulfillment unit rather than situations where the default resource sharing library is used.

The ILLiad Addon sends four NCIP messages from ILLiad to Alma. It handles creating incoming borrowing request item records and the associated patron hold, deleting the record when the borrowing item is returned, outgoing lending request are moved to the Resource Sharing Library and returned lending items are restored to their permanent location.

Notes are written into every transaction showing successful responses: “NCIP Response for [Process] received successfully” or when there is an NCIP error the Note contains the NCIP response. The ILLiad Client Log files will contain any errors with the processing of request via NCIP. Thus functionality can be confirmed this way.

Full instructions, the lua code, the configuration and an example sublibraries files are here

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