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ILLiad add-on for NCIP based integration Alma

VCU developers have built upon the ILLiad add-on for Aleph NCIP, which was developed by Hank Sway and Bill Jones for Harvard via the IDS Group (see ILLiad add on Aleph NCIP), and made the necessary adaptations for Alma’s NCIP server. The result is an ILLiad add-on that may be used by the Alma community to create NCIP based integration between ILLiad and Alma, on both the borrower side and the lender side.
The add-on integrates ILLiad and Alma in the following workflow actions:
  1. When an item is checked in ILLiad the add-on creates an NCIP request with the borrower’s ID and a brief bib record. This shows up as a request on the borrower’s account in Alma (also viewable as a request via Primo).
  2. When the item is returned, it need only be returned in ILLiad. (It can be returned in Alma but it is not necessary.) At the point of return, ILLiad will send a message to Alma returning the item and removing it from the patron’s account.
  1. When an item is “Marked as Found” in ILLiad the add-on checks the Reference Number field in ILLiad for the item barcode (this must be input by the lending librarian). When it matches, the item is then moved from the items home location to the Resource Sharing library.
  2. When the item is returned and “Checked In” in ILLiad the add-on sends a message to Alma and the item is marked as “In transit” to its home location. It will need to be scanned in Alma and reshelved.
In Alma, ILLiad needs to be configured as a partner of type NCIP. The add-on needs to be configured so that the NCIP message will include your institution code (e.g. 01XXX_ISNT) as the Agency ID, and the partner code (e.g. ILLIAD) as the ApplicationProfileType. Please refer to the Atlas Systems plug-in site for this and additional ILLiad requirements for the add-on. The ILLiad add-on is hosted on the VCU Libraries GitHub  and will also be made available on the Atlas Systems plug-in site

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  1. Texas Woman’s University has also done this, but the problem we had was primarily issues dealing with getting the Resource Sharing Library setup. We didn’t have TOU, Temporary items, Fulfillment Rules and Item Policies setup for that location so we continued to get errors until that was worked out. Once that was in place Toms instructions were simple and right on!

    By David Schuster on June 5, 2015 at 1:13 PM

  2. Here are our notes from Willamette, we opted to set the partner to create the resource sharing items just like our ILL items which already existed.

    On the ILLiad side:

    Learned you can debug by turning on verbose logging in the ILLiad client. You do this by clicking the ILLiad icon in the corner, choose options, set it to verbose and it will also show you where the file resides at on your computer.

    We noticed that a file in the zip file called: IDS_NCIP_Client.lua needed to be renamed ALMA_NCIP_Client.

    It could be our set up, but whenever we went to make the configuration changes through the Manage Add Ons option in ILLiad it was not saving our changes to the Config.xml file. We opted to just edit the Config.xml file with Notepad. Below our the changes we made:

    This is your institutional Alma Code.

    Input the Resource Sharing Partner code used in Alma.

    By Willamette University 01ALLIANCE_WU on June 5, 2015 at 3:52 PM

  3. Is anyone using this for Lending? The config.xml file is missing a field for a pseudopatron value but the lua code calls for one in line 473. How else are lending requests checked out in Alma?

    By Kurt Munson on June 8, 2015 at 6:32 PM

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