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Passing Parameters from App Builder Tile Configuration to an AEK Screen

Ido Peled on August 30th, 2017

The aim of this blog is to give a step-by-step guide on how to pass useful values (like a color or a page title) through to any AEK integration, via a homepage tile, using the App Builder This topic assumes you’re already familiar with:

  • How to create and publish AEK menu options
  • How to create and deploy AEK projects

If you’re not, please review this page:


Implementation Steps



Implementation Step


Create AEK menu option. This is required for the Action URL later on. You can assign a dummy AEK screen for the time being


Get the AEK menu option ID, either from the form itself or from the address bar. You will need the “AEK” prefix


Create a new Basic Tile in App Builder


Assign an Action URL to this tile. Once the URL has been typed you have to hit Enter; there are no mouse options to confirm the new URL


The URL should look something like this: campusm://loadaek?toolbar=[ menu option ID ]&[ parameter name ]=[ parameter value ], i.e. campusm://loadaek?toolbar=AEK18121&test_param=red

6In your AEK project, you can obtain the parameter being passed. There are two ways to do this, one on the client side, one on the server-side:
  1. The client-side uses a JavaScript method to return the value of the parameter
  2. The server-side has to be setup in the ECT file like a regular web service call

The demo showcases the difference in speed between these two methods, and the project code details the specifics of how they work


The regular AEK menu option will show you what the variable is returned as if not defined

The project is called exlib-actionlink-demo in GitHub: