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Prefixing EZProxy Links to the Resources without OpenURL of Primo Central on Primo New UI (Feb 2017 version)

On the new UI of  Primo Feb 2017 version, PCI resources without OpenURL, i.e. direct link resources, cannot be mediated with SFX service which is incorporated with EZProxy mechanism. The upshot is remote library users would not be able to access the direct link resources. This issue was tacked in the Primo old UI already but happens on the new UI. OUHK LIB developed scrips of AngularJS for addressing this issue; the solution is described below.

Source codes involved:

1., Angular components: i. prmSearchResultAvailabilityLineAfter, ii. prmViewOnlineAfter, iii. prmServiceLinksAfter.


Wai-yan NG

The Open University of Hong Kong