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Printing spine labels on Zebra printers

At the University Library in Oldenburg, we were in need of an application that enables our staff not only to print spine labels on demand, but also to print labels for recently inventoried items automatically. Since client applications like Spine-O-Matic don’t offer both options, we started to develop our own solution. It retrieves the the items’ barcodes via the Alma Analytics API, fetches additional item details from the Bibs API and generates ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) print commands to print the spine labels on Zebra printers. The print process can either be executed automatically using a Linux cronjob or manually via a web frontend.

The application was programmed in PHP and consists of a set of classes that might also serve as a kit to build your own application, e. g. if you don’t intend to use Zebra printers.

The current state of the application is provided and introduced on GitHub:

Any questions? Write a comment or an email:

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