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Simple QR Reader

Ido Peled on August 31st, 2017

This project allows you to work with QR codes to launch links to information for students and other directly from a campusM app.  This can be especially useful during an open day/open house or in buildings around campus.

A user can scan a QR code with their device, launching the underlying information. Alternatively, desktop user of the app can drag and drop a QR code image to get the same result.

It’s important to clarify that this is a currently a proof of concept that shows what can be done with the AEK and QR codes. You are free to do what you like with this project and improve it as you see fit.

To use this feature please use the following steps in your terminal or command prompt:

#Implementation Step
1Go to the folder you would want the project to exist in
2Download the code from GitHub ( or use the following command to download it directly from the NPM aek pull exlib-qr-reader
3Once this project had been successfully installed then go into the project folder
4Then use the following command: aek start
5You will then need to use your login details
6You will then need to choose your environment you would like to run against

Once these steps are done you should now see the project running on http://localhost:5000

You will now be able to look at this project locally and deploy. You can also copy this project and create your own version.