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Syndetics Plus Content Enrichment Adding Syndetics “Plus” code into Voyager / Tomcat


In February of 2010, Syndetics released a “Plus” version of their content enrichment product. The change resolves the previous issue with pop up windows being blocked. As of January 2013, these instructions were modified to provide instructions for Voyager v8.2. There are numerous known issues with this product. Please check that section below for details. Effective June 2014 and upon Molloy’s upgrade to Voyager 9, unfortunately I will not be able to illustrate working examples. We now utilize the VuFind overlay, so it will no longer be necessary to maintain this feature in our Classic Catalog. That said, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions and I’ll try help as much as I can!

Author:Judy Brink-Drescher
– Additional author(s): Tom Pasley
– Institution:* Molloy College
– Year: 2010
– License: BSD style
– Short description: Use, modification and distribution of the code are permitted provided the copyright notice, list of conditions and disclaimer appear in all related material.
– Link to terms: [Detailed license terms|ThePod:Modified BSD License]
– Skill required for using this code: Basic – this is more or less a cut and paste exercise.



Programming language



A sample display.xsl file has been added as an attachment. When files were relocated, those comments refer to lines compared to the pristine version in exl_default. Additionally, a word doc from syndetics is attached that has the divs for bookjackets, content and hyperlinks.

Working example

Note that by clicking on the book jacket at the record level there are “old syndetics” pop ups.  In this way I am currently leveraging both “classic” and Plus syndetics code to get around many of the known issues with the Plus product.

Installation instructions

Syndetics provides an instruction document (attached) that indicates there are 2 main steps – for full functionality, there are actually a few more steps than that. The document also contains all of the codes for jackets and content enrichment. Be sure to have handy which ones your institution has paid for.

1. WebVoyage Architecture Manual Chapter 20

NOTE: I only followed the instructions, as prior versions of instructions did not properly handle the implementation of Syndetics Plus.

The following is the excerpt applied from the manual (page 20.2):
Syndetic Solutions Implementation
This section describes, as an example, the WebVoyáge implementation of displaying Syndetics Solutions cover images for results and holdings pages in Voyager 7.x.
Directory path references to xxxdb implies that you need to substitute your database path name; and where [skin] is referenced, substitute the path name that is used at your site. The default skin path provided is en_US as in the following:



The pageProperties.xml file located in:


defines how the URL to the cover image for the titles results page is built to include the pre and post-link text and the alternate name for the image.  Uncomment the second resultsCoverTag

<!-- each library is responsible for creating a relationship with a provider of cover images-->
<!-- these options should not be enabled by default-->
<!-- <resultsCoverTag nameIdMatch="page.searchResults.item.type.isbn" linkPRE_TEXT="http:/
/" linkPOST_TEXT=".gif" altText="Cover Image"/> -->
<resultsCoverTag nameIdMatch="page.searchResults.item.type.isbn" linkPRE_TEXT="http://" linkPOST_TEXT="/SC.gif&amp;client=CLIENTCODE" altText="Cover Image"/>

The /SC.gif is the Syndetics Solutions syntax for small cover (SC). If you prefer a medium or large cover image, use MC or LC, respectively. MAR2013 Update added the clientcode line to this file. This will enable media jackets with 020s to display in the results list.

2.  Enabling Syndetics JavaScript Connector – modify the file /xsl/pagetools/framework.xsl. Find the ## All pages need a title ## and insert the script as indicated below.

<!-- ## All pages need a title ## -->
 <xsl:call-template name="buildPageTitle">
 <xsl:with-param name="nameId" select="'page.title'"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="{$jscript-loc}ajaxUtils.js"/>
 <!-- this is the code from the Syndetics plus information -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<noscript>This page contains enriched content visible when JavaScript is enabled.</noscript>
 <!-- end of syndetics code -->

Be sure to replace the word “clientcode” with your syndetics client code.

3.  Add the covertag to display in the record – modify xsl/contentlayout/config/displaycfg.xml.

<!-- Cover Tags for MARC Display - Syndetics enabled JBD
Uncomment the <coverTags> block below to add cover graphics and title info link to the MARC display.
 Be sure to replace "ENTER_YOUR_CLIENT_ID" below with your Syndetics Client ID.-->
<coverTags altText="Cover Image" linkPRE_TEXT=""
linkPOST_TEXT="/MC.jpg&amp;client=CLIENTCODE" infoPRE_TEXT=""
<displayTag field="020" indicator1="X" indicator2="X" subfield="a"/>
<displayTags label="Title:">
<!--<displayTag field="130" indicator1="X" indicator2="X" subfield="aplskfmnor" redirect="title" redirectOn="apl"/>

3a.  Optional – adding Journal covers. Note: I have implemented the Serials Display from chapter 8 of the Web Architecture manual. I do not know how to enable this otherwise. This enhancement calls for creating a new file: sdisplaycfg.xml. I have attached this file below, which contains the Syndetics code (Thank you Laura Guy for figuring it out). IMPORTANT: Be advised that Bowker only offers a limited number of journal jackets. Below is a list provided by the vendor where you can choose a few for testing purposes.

SC, MC (as shown) or LC stand for cover sizes of small medium or large.

Be sure to replace the word “clientcode” with your syndetics client code. Note you have to do this in two places. The first client code entry enables any video jackets and summary info with an 020 field to display at the record level. This was discovered in 2013 by Alex Kustanovich and is not in the ExLibris instructions for any version up to at least 8.2.

4.  Adding content info and hyperlinks to the content on your title view page. Place widget tags where you want the Syndetics content to appear and where you want the hyperlinks to appear. Add only the div tags for the features you have paid for. The Syndetics instructions attached provides a list of all tags.
Cut and paste the div tags that are applicable and paste the content into /xml/contentlayout/display/display.xsl Since there are multiple placements, the easiest thing is to view the attached display.xsl.
An example of a content tag for author notes is:  <div id=”syn_anotes”></div>
An example of a HYPERLINK tag for the author notes is:  <div id=”syn_anotes_link”></div>

This particular configuration attached in the file below will put the content links above the book jacket on the left hand side. Post upgrade my production OPAC shows the hyperlinks to the right of the cover. By moving the code you can place it elsewhere as well e.g. into the header above the record, although placement options are somewhat limited unless you are an advanced coder.

5. If desired, edit framework.css to modify how the Syndetics content appears. In the example configuration, it was necessary to restrict the size of the links in order to place them above the book jacket on the holdings page. Additionally, the following code floats a smaller book jacket to the left in the content display at the bottom of the record, as well as highlights the content in a slightly different color and pads it a bit off from the sides.

/* sydentics */

#syn_summary_link, #syn_avsummary_link, #syn_toc_link, #syn_anotes_link, #syn_dbchapter_link, #syn_fiction_link
min-width: 150px;

float: left;
margin: 8px;

#syn_summary, #syn_avsummary, #syn_toc, #syn_anotes, #syn_dbchapter, #syn_fiction
 margin-right: 5px;
 background: #e6e6e6;

In April 2013 Syndetics advised me their product will be updated – they didn’t say when – but whenever that occurs, it should be able to read the OCLC numbers, as well as EANs and UPC numbers. ExLibris has advised me they will consider updating their manuals and code as a potential future enhancement. If you think ExLibris should include Syndetics as a future enhancement please let them know because, even if Bowker fixes the issue on their end, Ex Libris will have to make changes as well to some of the xml in order for the jackets at the results level to properly display.

Known issues

There is a known issue in v7.01 that Syndetics jackets will not display in Internet explorer



RECORDS WITH 020 FIELDS BUT A SUBFIELD OTHER THAN “A” ALSO WILL NOT DISPLAY. For example, ebrary records from the vendor come down unedited with an 020 subfield Z. If you globally edit and change the records to subfield A you will get both jackets and content. A workaround for this is to change the code in displayConfig to  <displayTag field=”020″ indicator1=”X” indicator2=”X” subfield=”az”/>

Both ExLibris and Bowker have been made aware of these problems March 2013.

Discovered April 2013: The Syndetics cover image is tied to a specific ISBN (I am pretty sure it is the original hardcover edition), so if there are multiple ISBNs in the record  and that specific ISBN is not listed FIRST the jacket will not display. There also seem to be jackets missing from where syndetics pulls its images from (which I believe is the Books In Print Online Library). Both of these issues probably explain why in some cases even very current items do not have a book jacket. If you think Bowker needs to keep their image repository more up to date please let them know.

Page Attachments

File NameCommentSizeNumber of Downloads
ISSN_list_images_SyndeticsJune2013.xslAvailable images by ISSN/Title as of June 20131.01 MB1054
sdisplaycfg.xslSerial Display File v8.2 Jun201311 kB139
SyndeticsStarterDocument.pdfUpdated Syndetics Instruction from Vendor Mar2013627 kB2108
displayVersion8.2.xslv8.2 for display.xsl98 kB141
Syndetics Plus description – 02 2010.docWord Document from Syndetics Corp69 kB951
display.xsldisplay.xsl sample v7.2.287 kB407


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