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Making ILL Requests from a Consortial Primo to Aleph ILL Module Using Self-developed JSP Programs on Primo

Primo at the time of writing (version 4.9.4) doesn’t have the functionality to make ILL request from non-home institute’s titles using Primo default ILL request option. The consortial project for Hong Kong self-finance institutes ( however planned to implement such function: to allow legitimate users requesting an ILL-available title of other consortial members on home institute Primo View and submit the title as ILL request onto Aleph ILL module. The project adopts the following flow to achieve that: 1. Primo -> 2. Aleph OPAC ILL Form -> 3. Aleph ILL Module. This passage describes how to implement the function. The result of the implementation:


1. ILL Request from the Consortial Primo:

2. Title info brought from the Consortial Primo to the Home Institute Aleph OPAC ILL Form:

3. ILL Request Received in the Home Institute Aleph ILL Module

The implementation involves writing customized codes (in JSP) on Primo which function as: (i.) checking Primo users group’s legitimacy, (ii.) checking titles whether are ILL-available (relative the users and institutes), and (iii.) preparing a HTML <form> which fills with bibliographical information onto Aleph OPAC ILL Form. The sources codes can be found here: Description of the sources codes:

1. ill_form.jsp: contains the main logic of (i.), (ii.), & (iii.) above.

2. ava_illsummarystatus_call_ajax.jsp & ava_illsummarystatus_for_ajax.jsp: used to check real-time availability of the requested ILL members if the requested item is available.

3. loadCSIDSVariables.jsp & loadCSIDSSiteVariables.jsp: load parameters from Primo Code Tables for (i.) and (ii.) checking.

4. csids.jsp: contains the functions used by ava_illsummarystatus_for_ajax.jsp.


The setup for using the function:

1. Setup PDS: ill_form.jsp checks if a user logged in and in a legitimate user group via Primo JSTL variable ${sessionScope.PdsUserGroup} which is obtained from PDS. PDS then should be configured to obtain group information from the source authentication system.

2. Modify default Primo resultTiles.jsp & fullRecord.jsp (sample sources here: insert a line like “<%@ include file=”/csids/tiles/ill_form.jsp”%>” to invoke the ill_form.jsp. The default resultTiles.jsp & fullRecord.jsp paths can be set via the setup Primo Back Office View Wizard “Layout Set” editing.

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