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Adding a SHERPA/RoMEO GES link to Primo

Adding a link to the SHERPA/RoMEO service in Primo via a General Electronic Service is fairly easy.

The purpose of this blog entry is to give you the configuration that we use at the Colorado School of Mines.

It assume you understand setting up General Electronic Services.

This service is based upon the existence of an ISSN in the metadata. It uses that ISSN in an OpenURL to connect to the service and provide a link in your Primo LINKS section. It is a nice service to set up for your patrons and it is fairly easy to do so.

Please note that we are on PrimoVE and your setup may differ.

Below I provide screenshots of how our service is set up.

The OpenURL is the following:{rft.issn}&prule=ALL&jrule=ISSN

You can use the GES configuration to determine when this link appears. At Mines we want it to appear whenever there is an ISSN, thus making the setup very simple. There are no associated Display Logic Rules.

Please note you should be able to right click on the screenshots below to view them more easily.

Service displays (is set to True) when the ISSN is not empty. Note that the default is thus set to not display. If your configuration doesn’t work, check your logic:

here is what the link looks like displayed in Primo:

if you set your service up correctly, you’ll see something like this when you click on the link:

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