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Adding Springshare Libguide Discovery to Primo VE

You can configure Primo VE to harvest SpringShare LibGuides metadata and make them discoverable in Primo VE.

This blog post does not cover anything that is done on the SpringShare side.

It assumes you have a basic understanding of setting up a discovery import profile in Primo VE.

I will present a series of documented screenshots showing how we set this up at the Colorado School of Mines.  Sections of this blog post include the import profile, normalization rules in Primo VE, and testing.  You can right-click on the screenshots to view them in full size.

For further information see the documentation here:

And here:

Note that this same process can be used to add SpringShare A to Z to Primo VE Discovery as well.

The author recommends you read the entire blog post to the very end before embarking on this project.

Please contact the author if you have suggestions as to how to improve this blog post or if you notice problems or errors.

Step 1: Import Profile

The first step is to set up your import profile.  You need to know your OAI Base URL.  This is also where you “name” your Data Source that will display in Primo VE.

When you enter your Base URL you can click on “Connect and Edit” and the other information will be populated.

You can then click on Open Test Page to test your records

Step 2: Normalization Rules and Process

Next you  will want to set up your Normalization Rules and Process List.  At Mines we added two Rules into one Normalization Process.  One rule adds a Resource Type.  The other fixes (manually because I do not know how to do it any other way) the author names.

You’ll see below the Normalization Rule I created to fix the author name. This is brute force and there probably is a better way to do this, but I do not know how.

We added a simple Resouce Type via the second Normalization Rule.

Next we added those two Normalization Rules to a Process Task

The following screenshots show the setup of the Process Task

Step 3: Delivery Tab and Linking Parameter

The Delivery Tab needs to be configured.  This is the way we set up the template.  We did not set up a thumbnail.  Note that the Link Label in the tab is what displays in the Primo VE Full Record Display.

We configured one Linking Parameter.

Clear text for Matching String: 



Step 4: Test your Normalization Rules and Process

You can test your Normalization Rules and your Process Task. To do this you need to create a test file (see example below).

The following tests the Rule that adds the Resource Type

The following tests the Rule that fixes the author name

The following tests the Process

Step 5: Create a Test Record

This is an example of a single record that I put in a file in order to test the Normalization Rules.  Note that as of this writing there is a software defect that causes this test to break if there is an amperstand in the data.  In the following example I remove the amperstand. The amperstand does not break the import itself, only the test.

Step 6: Run your Import Profile

Once you have completed these steps, you can run your import profile.

Step 7: Check Your Records

Here is an example of a record as it displays in Primo VE

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