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Advanced API Usage Reports Now Available

One of the benefits of the Developer Network is the ability to manage your APIs from the dashboard. The Alma and Primo getting started guides explain how to use the dashboard to create API keys, assign permissions, and direct the API calls to production or sandbox environments.

Now the dashboard has become even more useful with the introduction of detailed reports. These reports allow you to track your API calls over time and see if you’re close to reaching your API governance threshold in near-real time.

To view the usage reports, log in to the Developer Network and from the Dashboard, click Analytics.


The “Today” tab shows two sections- a chart of API usage and a gauge showing how close your institution is to reaching the API governance threshold for the day.

Usage Chart

The usage chart shows the number of API calls made each 10 minutes over the past 24 hours. It can be broken down by API area (BIBs, users, etc.) or application. We can even see usage by URL (i.e. GET /users/X/fees).

Daily Threshold

The gauge shows how much of the daily threshold has been used. The threshold is calculated based on the institution’s Alma and Primo licenses.


The history tab provides information going back 2 months. It too can be presented grouped by API area, application, or specific API. The chart below shows the number of APIs called stacked by application. This lets us easily see, for example, if an application is mis-behaving and using more API calls than expected.

We hope these new reports help you track your API usage as you build new integrations with Ex Libris products.

3 Replies to “Advanced API Usage Reports Now Available”

  1. Hi there,

    Can you tell us why, when choosing to display results by application we see a high proportion of hits under an application called ‘err’? Is this just the report saying that it doesn’t know which Application the results are coming from, or is it indicating that the API call is in error? If it’s the latter, then that would indicate to us that this is worth following up. For example > 4000 results on a given day. We’d be interested to know if this is the inbuilt API calls from Primo, or another source. In either case just indicating there is an error probably isn’t enough information.

    By 61FUL_INST Flinders University on September 26, 2016 at 04:44 AM

  2. It is just the report saying that it doesn’t know which Application the results are coming from.
    We will fix it soon.
    Alma API Team

    By Ori Miller on November 2, 2016 at 10:36 AM

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