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Alma Analytics – Create Cataloging Activities Reports

This blog is for Alma Analytics beginners who want to learn the procedures of creating a cataloging activities report in Alma analytics. I use the BIB record modification report as an example to show how to find how many records staff users have created, updated, and deleted. 

  1. Open Alma Analytics and click Catalog on the top menu. Navigate to the folder you would like to save this cataloging activity report, click the add button on the top left to add new a report. Then select Physical Items Subject Area.
  2. Select the following columns (fields of column) from the left menu: Physical Items > Bibliographic Details > MMS Id, Modification Date (Calendar), and Modified By
  3. Then, we will filter the Date
    • Under the Criteria tab > Selected Columns, left click the down arrow in the Modification Date (Calendar) column, select Filter
    • Select the appropriate operator and fill in the value. Click OK. For example, in the picture below, we select all bib records that are modified between 01/01/2019 and 11/3/2020.
  4. Filter the catalogers
    • If you only need a cataloging activity report for a unit or a department, you may need to filter the catalogers. 
    • Under the Criteria tab > Selected Columns, left click the down arrow in the Modified By column, select Filter
    • Click the telescope icon next to the Value drop down list
    • Click the pencil icon on the right
    • Paste the list of cataloger IDs that you are interested in to the new edit window, one line per ID; click OK to close the window
  5. Edit the column formula of MMS Id
    • Left click the arrow next to the MMS Id and click Edit Formula
    • Copy the following command and paste to the Column Formula box and click OK. This command will count all BIB records each cataloger modified during the period you filtered.

      COUNT(DISTINCT “Bibliographic Details”.”MMS Id”  by  “Bibliographic Details”.”Modified By”)

  6. Change Column properties
    • You may want to change the column names. Left click the arrow next to the column you want to change the name and click Column Properties. Click Column Format and check the box next to Custom Headings. Change the column heading, then click OK.
  7. Remove the date column
    • Since we have already filtered the date, the exact modification dates of BIB records do not mean much to this report. Make sure the date filter condition has been applied to the analysis before removing the date column.
    • Left click the arrow next to the column of Modification Date and click Delete.
  8. View and export the results
    • Click the Results tab on the top to view the table
    • Click the export icon and select Data > CSV Format 

5 Replies to “Alma Analytics – Create Cataloging Activities Reports”

  1. We have a cataloguer who left the organisation in 2014. Our Cataloguer Activity reports tell us that she is still dutifully modifying bibs, holdings, items and portfolios every month. I don’t have much trust in the Modified By data in Analytics.

  2. I think it only works if the cataloger has done modifications in the item. I’ve checked the cataloging activity of one of our catalogers for de 20th. of october. I know she made major modifications in nine bibliographic records (checking the versions of the bibligraphic record), but didn’t change any item record: I don’t get any results of the bibs she cataloged.

    The 22nd. of october she created an item for a bib she had modified the previous day, and the only result I get is the bib record of the item created the 22nd., although the bib record was modified the 21st.

  3. Yes, it is weird because I was wrong.

    The reason I didn’t get the expected results has nothing to do with items, I think it is because the modification date is the date of the LAST MODIFICATION. So if any modification is done on the bib record after the cataloging, by any other cataloger, or by the system, the activity of the first cataloger will not be taken into account in the report. There doesn’t need to be any modification even, just opening and saving a bib record will change the “Modified by” identifier.

    Some of the scheduled jobs in Alma make changes in the bib record, and I suppose that is why in my reports, most of the activity is done by “System”

    I suppose we could get a closer picture of the cataloging activity if we could search the versions of a bib record. But I don’t know if this is possible.

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