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Alma Analytics – Determining the price for cost per use for a portfolio which is part of a collection which has a POL of type Continuous

This relates to the Cost Per Use in Alma Analytics E-Inventory subject area.
Default reports and dashboard in folder “/shared/Alma/Cost per use via COUNTER reports e-inventory and acquisitions data”


In the Cost Per Use of the E-Inventory subject area how does the cost get determined when the portfolio does not have a POL?  The electronic collection to which it belongs has a POL, but the portfolio itself does not.




In this case Alma takes the total cost of the Electronic Collection and divides it by the number of portfolios in the collection and the result is “cost per portfolio”.   For example if an electronic collection has 150 portfolios, and the electronic collection cost 613,000 Euro, then the price per portfolio (for the purposes of cost per use) will be 4,086.67 (which is 613,000 divided by 150).

When we state here “cost” we mean the expenditure from the fund used to purchase the resource for the fiscal period.

Here is an example:


We have created a report in the E-Inventory subject area which includes the following fields:

“Bibliographic Details”.”ISSN”

“Bibliographic Details”.”MMS Id”

“Bibliographic Details”.”Title”

“Fund Fiscal Period”.”Fund Fiscal Period Description”

“Fund Fiscal Period”.”Fund Ledger Name”

“Cost Usage POL”.”PO Line Reference”

“Cost Usage Measures”.”Cost Per Use”

“Cost Usage Measures”.”Cost”

“Cost Usage Measures”.”Usage JR1″

“Electronic Collection”.”Electronic Collection Public Name”

The report filters by fiscal period 06/30/2017 – 06/29/2018


Portfolio for ISSN 2073-4360 title “Polymers” is part of electronic collection “ProQuest SciTech Premium Collection” and does not have its own POL.

But the electronic collection “ProQuest SciTech Premium Collection” does have a POL.  It also has 7098 portfolios:


The electronic collection was ordered via POL 1663 and fiscal year 06/30/2017 – 06/29/2018 had an expenditure of 17,430.00 USD for this POL.


Therefore the price is 2.46

Price of collection / number of portfolios = price per portfolio

17,430.00 USD / 7098 = 2.46


One of the results is that ISSN 2073-4360 title “Polymers” costs 2.46.  It is part of electronic collection “ProQuest SciTech Premium Collection”

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