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Alma letters XML samples for working on XSL customization


Update (March 2021)– Alma letters configuration now includes an easy way to get XML samples from within Alma. For more information please refer to the OLH. Hence, this blog will no longer be updated.
Sample XML files for Alma’s letters can be used to test changes to the XSL files.
For your convenience, we have collected a few XML files (partial list). List below and available here in one ZIP file.
  1. Analytics Letter
  2. Borrower Overdue Email Letter
  3. Conversation Letter
  4. Fine Fee Payment Receipt Letter
  5. Finish Bib Export Notification Letter
  6. Ful Cancel Request Letter
  7. Ful Citations Slip Letter
  8. Ful Digitization Notification Item Letter
  9. Ful Digitization Document Delivery Notification Letter
  10. Ful Fines Fees Notification Letter
  11. Ful Item Change Due Date Letter
  12. Ful Lost Loan Letter
  13. Ful Lost Loan Notification Letter
  14. Ful Lost Refund Fee Loan Letter
  15. Ful On Hold Shelf Reminder Letter.xml
  16. Ful Outgoing Email Letter
  17. Ful Overdue And Lost Loan Letter
  18. Ful Overdue And Lost Loan Notification Letter
  19. Ful Place On Hold Shelf Letter
  20. Ful Renew Email Letter
  21. Ful Requests Report Letter
  22. Ful Resource Request Slip Letter
  23. Ful Return Receipt Letter
  24. Ful Short Loan Letter
  25. Ful Transit Letter
  26. Ful Transit Slip Letter
  27. Ful User Borrowing Activity Letter
  28. Ful User Loans Courtesy Letter
  29. Ful User Overdue Notice Letter
  30. General Assign To Letter
  31. General Message Email Letter
  32. Interested In Letter
  33. Legal Deposit Order Letter
  34. Legal Deposit Receipt Letter
  35. Lender Reject Email Letter
  36. Lender Renew Response Email Letter
  37. Lender Will SupplyEmailLetter
  38. Lending Recall Email Letter
  39. License Printout Letter
  40. Order List Letter
  41. Order Now Letter
  42. Overlap Analysis Letter
  43. Patron Welcome Letter
  44. PIN Number Generation Letter
  45. PO Line Cancellation Letter
  46. PO Line Claim Letter
  47. PO Line Renewal Letter
  48. Process Bib Export Finished Letter
  49. Purchase Request Status Letter
  50. Query To Patron Letter
  51. Reminder: Create Resource List for course
  52. Resource Sharing Request Confirmation Letter
  53. Resource Sharing Shipping Slip Letter
  54. Sms Ful Place On Hold Shelf Letter
  55. Social Login Account Attached Letter
  56. Social Login Invite Letter
  57. System Job Letter
  58. Trial Letter
  59. User Notifications Letter

15 Replies to “Alma letters XML samples for working on XSL customization”

  1. I am getting this error when i try to use the FulPlaceOnHoldShelf letter

    javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Content is not allowed in prolog.

    By Laura Guy on April 30, 2017 at 10:38 PM

  2. Hi Laura,

    We had some contributions – the ZIP file and the list were updated.
    FulPlaceOnHoldShelfLetter.xml – fixed
    FulPickupRequestReportLetter.xml – added
    OwnerSubscriptionLetter – not yet… maybe you can create it with “Xml to Letter Admin” and contribute.

    Alma Dev. Team

    By Ori Miller on July 4, 2017 at 11:20 AM

  3. @Tamar: 68 letters are currently listed here above. However, the zip file contains only 51 XML samples. I was for example looking for FulBorrowingInfoLetter.xml, but I haven’t found it. I will use the “Xml to Letter Admin” option in Alma to get it, but it would be nice if the zip could contain all Alma letters. Thanks.


    By François Renaville on December 21, 2017 at 09:05 AM

  4. @tamar: could this list or zip file be updated? The contents don’t match the list. Alternatively, is there somewhere else where I can find a comprehensive list of XML samples? Thanks!

  5. Hi!

    I’ve looked and looked and looked. Everywhere in presentations on letter customization (and here) the path “Alma Configuration > General > General Configuration > XML to Letter Admin” is referred to, but I cannot find it. Does the function exist?

    Thank you!
    P.S.: I particularly need the Ful Fees/Fines Notification Letter

  6. Does anyone have a copy of the “NotifyUponRenewalLetter.xml” letter?
    It was noted as being in the file but is not present.

    I am also looking for any tips on how to get rid of the “Dear Sir/Madam” that appears on a lot of letters. We would like to adjust it to be more suitable for our patrons.


  7. Hello all,

    In the past year, there was a major change in the Alma letters configuration. This includes a better and easy way to get the example XMLs from within Alma.

    For more information please refer to the OLH:


  8. The option to use different email templates for overdue notice if the loans are under different TOU is currently not available. The templates are according to how long after the due date the profile is run, and can also be limited by the library/user group. There are a couple more options – also locations, item policy, and material type. However – there are up to 5 notification types.

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