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Alma – Relais NCIP communication: Configuring pick-up locations

UNSW Library uses Relais with Alma. We are currently using Relais v2014.3.1 and plan to upgrade to v2016 shortly.
Pickup locations can come over to Alma via NCIP for both Relais versions. This is how we’ve configured our Relais environment:
Pickup Location can be reviewed/updated by running TableMaintenance.exe in Relais installation folder (e.g. C:\Relais 2016\TableMaintenance.exe). Note: Before running “TableMaintenance.exe”, please ensure the following 2 steps have been done:

  • Configuration file Relais.ini for your institution is placed in Relais installation folder
  • CreateODBC.exe in Relais installation folder has been executed and completed successfully

  • ILS Code are Library Codes configured in Alma
  • Code 1 to 4 are options which display in the Relais Request Form > Pickup location dropdown:

See below a sample NCIP message for Lending request sent to Alma with PickupLocation (other details are omitted):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<NCIPMessage version=""


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