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Alma’s code tables API: list of code tables

The GET /almaws/v1/conf/code-tables/{codeTableName} API gives the ability to retrieve a list of code table rows: for each row, the code value and its related description. The main usage of this API is for applications that use Alma APIs, and need to give the user a drop-down of valid values to choose from.

A previous blog post “Working with the code tables API” describes in detail how to find the relevant code table from the XSD files. To make things easier, we also added an API that shows the list of all the useful code-tables:

GET /almaws/v1/conf/code-tables

Note: this blog post has previously held a list of all the code-tables. The list was removed as starting with Feb 2021 release the Get-list-of-code-tables exists.

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  1. > ThirdReprotingCode

    Oops, this looks like a trypo…

    By the way: are these names case sensitive when retrieving the individual code tables?

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