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Archive-It Integration in Primo/Primo VE

You can integrate search results from Archive-It within the Primo/Primo VE interface by using the new ‘Archive-It-Open-Search-API-Primo-widget.’

The following example was developed by Ex Libris to support the integration of Archive-It for the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC). Other institutions can benefit from the example by using the code and adjusting several parameters as detailed below.

How does the Archive-It integration look in the Primo user interface?

When entering a search term in Primo, we use the Archive-It search API to display the results on top of the Primo search results.  We display the first result from Archive-It and links to other results and versions are presented.

How to use the Archive-It integration widget?

The widget can be found here:

To use it, just:

  1. Copy the content of the ‘custom1.css’ into your ‘custom1.css’ file.
  2. Copy from custom.js file lines starting at “app.component” and ending with the line before last with the closing brackets (“}])”), into your custom.js file.
  3. Adjust the following parameters to include the relevant values for your institution:
    • moreResultsURL
    • apiUrl

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