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Authentication of internal patrons with EZProxy using Alma

EZproxy provides a simple system that allows libraries to create one set of web pages that can be used by both on-site and off-site users to gain access to licensed databases. Typically, there is no requirement to authenticate on-site users, but there is a requirement to authenticate remote users. EZproxy provides the ability to detect on-site workstations and redirect their full text requests to the vendor site, while requiring remote users to undergo one validation per browser session to verify their right to access a restricted resource.

EZproxy handles just fine users which have a LDAP account. However, there might be users which are defined as internal in Alma and do not have LDAP account: their password is kept in Alma and their authentication is mainly done inside Alma.

The following github article describes the solution of Lincoln University for Authenticate such patrons with EZProxy using Alma.

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